Turnkey Projects

MK roots is a single point of contact as we consult, design, implement, supply and install the medical equipment needed, leaving the client totally unbothered as we provide full solutions. The company helps their clients finish their clinics hassle free, handling the project from design till the client receives the key.

Work Phases- because we care about your dreams.

MK Roots is keen to have the ultimate customer satisfaction, hence creating an elaborate plan to gather all details on what would make your clinic stand out yet stay comfortable. To start off, we examine the location, if our client does not have one ready we present them with suitable options to choose from. 

A Meeting is set with the customer to merge our ideas together, creating a suitabke vision. Putting all these ideas into paper, MK Roots is distinctive in creating 2D designs for clinics and medical centers. Gaining this knowledge was through multiple experiences and understanding the unique needs for the medical equipment, hence adjusting and preparing the infrastructure to be the most efficient while using while keeping the design looking astonishing.

A mood board to have a referral source to keep the aesthetic compatible with the customer’s expectations.

A 3D design is made to help build the final shape, colors and details. To ensure the clients vision will be met, the 3D design and Virtual reality experience eases the communication smoothly. 

Virtual reality is an experience our clients won’t forget; It allows them to completely incorporate active vision, helping them to totally grasp the plan, and are able to change anything to their liking. A Bill of quantities facilitates all parties with the pricing information, quantities of materials, construction planning, while considering the financial capabilities of our clients. Executing the plan agreed upon in a timely manner with an exceptional finish.

Lastly, we proceed to furnishing the medical center with luxurious and well-fitted furnishes to the mood board and adding all the equipment needed. MK Roots can also help supply and install the dental equipment needed by the doctor with a variety of
options, providing all their necessities.