Dürr Dental

Dürr Dental Germany develops and produces highly innovative dental solutions for over 80 years. MK Roots assists the medical sector as a certified Dürr dental distributor. Dürr dental is a well-established German manufacturer that provides a line of imaging, hygiene compressors and suctions. Proving its credibility, Dürr has won many awards such as innovation in 2019, top employer medium sized business in 2021, and the German Entrepreneur Award for the “Business Succession”. Dürr dental is not only very advanced in their technology, but also they constantly look for ways to make their clients more at ease. There are countless reasons doctors choose Dürr, including the variety of their products, remarkable after-sales service, sustainability, and long-lasting machines.

Artifical intelligence provided in Dürr equipment makes your daily work easier and more efficient.

Dürr Dental provides sustainable products, reducing energy by 40%.

Climate- neutral production is essential as repair, maintenance and packaging is environmentally friendly.

Dürr Dental is well known for its astonishing imaging, compressors, suction and hygiene systems.

Dürr Dental / MK Roots verified by notable different sites.

Dürr Dental / MK Roots exceptional after-sales service.

Pursuing innovative ideas presented from customers, Dürr dental plans & implements the promising ideas, then introduces the innovative ones to the market in hope for making the doctors daily practice more convenient